Dear SLP Class of 1970,

   In the last days of winter in 2019 by chance I was at a party and started talking to the Chair-Woman of the SLP Class of 1968 Reunion Committee who was also there.  It got me thinking about our next reunion.  The next day I contacted Doug Nagle and that began our planning for the reunion that finally took place on Sunday, August 28th.

   We have worked together, along with some very dedicated classmates, since our 20-year reunion.  Believe me when I say that this was by far the most challenging, the most frustrating, the most difficult, but in the end, the most rewarding reunion we have ever worked on.

   COVID-19 was of course the biggest stumbling block.  But, there were many, many others.  Venues had to be changed, dates had to be changed, menus changed, methods of payments changed, deadlines changed, prices changed.  Whatever you thought could change, probably did.

   How many classmates would attend and what would they feel comfortable with?  For the first time, Doug and I sent out questions to random classmates asking for their thoughts.  Many of you responded and we tried as best we could to come up with a reunion you said you would attend.  Based on your comments and our numbers, I think we did.

   I am sure that not a week went by that Doug and I did not communicate by phone, by text or by email.  If I had to estimate the number, it would easily be in the thousands.  In the last few weeks before the reunion, our phones and computers were either talking between ourselves or talking to Beth, Peter and Bob about the website, emails and Facebook page, or Connie about the food, Marcia about the decorations and Danny about getting the tables and chairs.  I know both of us are thankful that our wives, Nancy and Bonnie, put up with all of this and even worked the registration table for us.

   In the days following the reunion I, along with our committee members, have seen your responses to our efforts.  The congratulations and positive remarks are greatly appreciated.  We are glad that so many of you came and had a good time.

   But, it is us who should be thanking you.  Our reunions have been so successful because you keep attending.  Our class always has great turnouts.  You are the reason that we work to keep having our reunions.  Your smiles and great stories mean a lot to us.  You are the reason we try and keep in touch.  We never want to leave anyone out.  Please remember to let us know if there are any changes to your email addresses.  Our website at
www.slp70 will always be there.

   So, thank you to all who paid (248) and attended.  Thank all of you who contributed to our scholarship fund.  Until we meet again, take care of yourselves and stay healthy and well.
Steve Waldman – SLP Class of 1970 Reunion Committee Co-Chair
September 9, 2022

Greetings Classmates and Guests!

We came, we met, we partied, and we finally went our separate ways to hopefully meet again…

Our St. Louis Park Class of 1970 Reunion last Sunday, Aug 28, was definitely an event to be part of and remember. Beyond our expectations, we had 248 Classmates and Guests pay to attend this event…208 registered and paid in advance, 20 more registered and paid at the door, and another 20 walked up and paid unexpectedly…Just amazing!  A few of you paid and did not attend and we missed you. For those of you that DID attend, you know that our PA system was not intelligible. It is probably understandable for a winter time hockey game to announce “she shoots, she SCORES!”, but that is about all. So as several of you requested, here is a summary of what we MEANT to announce and say…

HOW DID WE GET HERE? - the “long and winding road” to August 28, 2022…
  • 2019-2020 – Signed Contract with Oak Ridge Country Club for Sept 2020 reunion
  • Covid hit Feb 2020 - Everything was quarantined and we canceled plans in April 2020
  • Winter 2020 to Summer 2021 - the LONG COVID shutdown.
  • We decided to Contract with Sheraton West in fall of 2021 for Sept 2022 reunion
  • November 2021 - We sent out requests for feedback on reunion priorities to 100 classmates
  • Overwhelming responses were - OPEN AIR venue, LOW-COST tickets, FOOD is NOT a priority, NO SKITS or ENTERTAINMENT, SOFT MUSIC in background, INFORMAL ATTIRE, timing for WARM WEATHER.
  • So as a result, we decided to CANCEL the expensive/indoor Sheraton and change to Sunday, August 28, 2022 at the St. Louis Park Rec Center ROC open air complex. This allowed people from out of town to attend OTHER Minnesota events available around August 28 including: Twins, Vikings, MN State Fair, St. Paul Saints baseball, local art fairs, friends, family, etc.
  • With all of these starts and stops over 3 years of meetings and planning, here we were on August 28, 2022…almost 250 of your St. Louis Park Class of 1970 Classmates and Guests at our “70 is the new 50+2 Reunion” Rockin’ at the ROC!

With no particular order, here are the primary people who helped plan this so you could attend and enjoy this long-awaited event:

Connie Savitt Sandler - Food catering and bartender

Danny Goldman - Pickup/setup/teardown/return tables, chairs, tablecloths

Beth Kimball and Mona Johnson – Database of classmates - they searched the internet for classmates’ address, email and phone numbers

Beth Kimball ( website), Peter Dansky (email blasts), Bob Lawson (SLP70 Facebook page)

Marcia Brucciani - Decorations, Memorabilia Table and SLP70 50+2 Reunion Cake

Wayne Klayman - SLP70 Classmate Memorial Video coming soon with link on website

Connie Savitt Sandler - Classmate Memorials, Obituaries and Testimonials on our website

Peter Dansky - background music of 1970 - (we even had the SLP ROUSER...we’re loyal to you Park High….)

Beth Kimball and Steve Waldman - Developed/printed Name Tags and Lanyards

Sharee Marcus, Joanne Dubbe, Eric Ramberg, Charlie Bell, Jim Seim, Gary Chambers and Sam Stern also met repeatedly and helped with all of these efforts.

Doug Nagle & Steve Waldman - Reunion Committee co-chairpersons for finance, contracts, communications, etc.

Please extend a THANK YOU to each of them if you get the chance… If I missed anyone or anything, I apologize…

SLP70 Community Service Volunteer SCHOLARSHIP

Every year since 2000 we have given a $500 scholarship enabled by your ongoing donations. That is $11,000 awarded so far! During 2022, we have already received OVER $2500 to keep this going! You should know we also have 2 classmates who have generously donated $1000 each, MULTIPLE TIMES to help. We are truly THANKFUL to all who contributed! You can still donate to help this cause on the SCHOLARSHIP page of our website. We will also post annual scholarship winners and any correspondence we receive from them here.

Please note that St. Louis Park High School Admin selects scholarship winners every year for graduating seniors. This program is administered by St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars.

DID WE HAVE ANY St. Louis Park TEACHERs attend our Aug 28 reunion at the ROC?

YES, WE DID! There were 3 TEACHERS from SLP who attended as guests: They are: Rollie Hanks, Wes Bodine, and Deb Wold. Hopefully you had a chance to see and talk with them!


We know that some of you took photos of the reunion event you would like to post for all to see. You can directly upload these onto the website under the PHOTO ALBUMS page ( - The Photo Album is “70 IS THE NEW 50”). Quite a number of photos are ALREADY POSTED for you to view. Take a look!


A big hit this year was our SLP Grade School Class photos! These are already posted BY SCHOOL on the Grade School Album on our website. See if you can identify who you went to grade school with…

VOLUNTEER Photographer for the Grade School and a number of event photos was Tim Halvorson a graduate of St. Louis Park Class of 1967. Some of you might know Tim as an extraordinary wildlife photographer.  Thank you, Tim!


*Who came from FURTHEST AWAY? – Glen Mayeda - all the way from OAHU, Hawaii.

*Who came from SHORTEST DISTANCE? - Billy Goldman. I am told he WALKED from his house to the ROC.

*Nancy Nagle and Bonnie Waldman - Doug & Steve’s wives were behind the Registration desk at the entry to the ROC and helped support us for this and all our previous reunions!

*All the HELPERS at the reunion who assisted with SETUP before and CLEANUP afterwards. I know that Glen Mayeda had to have a broom removed from his hands since he would not stop sweeping during cleanup!  And, many more that I cannot recall but want to say THANK YOU!

*And to ALL of you CLASSMATES and GUESTS who attended and made this a fantastic memory for all!

…. And finally in closing, for those inquiring minds….

Do you know the WORDS to the St. Louis Park High School Loyalty Song or Rouser? For those who forgot (or never learned) here are the words (I did not recall these either) …

We’re loyal to you, Park High;
We’re Orange and Black, Park High;
We’ll back you to stand
‘Gainst the best in the land;
For we know you’ve got sand, Park High;
     Rah!  Rah!  (spoken)
So crack up that ball, Park High;
We’re backing you all, Park High;
Our team is our fame protector;
On boys, for we expect a
Victory from you, Park High.
Study and memorize...there will be a test!
**IF YOU TOOK PHOTOS at the reunion you want to share, POST THEM NOW on our website
Stay well and we’ll see you in the future for our next SLP70 Reunion Event!
Doug & Steve and all the SLP70 Reunion Committee

Your Reunion Committee ZOOMS you best wishes!

Reunion Planning Committee Members:

Steve Waldman, Peter Dansky, Bob Lawson, Marcia Brucciani, Jim Seim, Connie Savitt Sandler, Mark Setterholm, Mona Johnson Gliniany, Beth Kimball, Doug Nagle, Charlie Bell, Danny Goldman, Sam Stern, Joey Dubbe Beattie, Gary Chambers, Sharee Marcus, and Eric Ramberg
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