September 11, 2020


March 20, 2020

Hello St. Louis Park Class of 1970  Classmates,

Based on rapidly changing catastrophic events, we are in a totally different world today.

COVID-19, Corona, social distancing, flatten the curve, keep 6 feet away from others, wash your hands, no school, no restaurants, no sports, no concerts, no shopping, no gatherings, shut in place, no
spring break, no air travel, no toilet paper, no visits with friends, kids or grandkids, no N95 masks, no vaccines……

We are all in the same group. Baby boomers, late 60s, high risk and vulnerable.

With that said, take several deep breaths, close your eyes and think about your favorite things……

We can get through this if we work together and good times will come again.

It is amazing how fast this changes our perception on what is most important to our daily lives and well being for the months and years to come. COVID-19  will require extraordinary efforts from all of us
to stay healthy.

This brings us back to what our committee has been working on for almost 12 months now - our St. Louis Park 50th Class Reunion.

As much as we ALL want to see our classmates this year it is clear that our schedule to do this on September 11, 12 and 13 of 2020 is not possible without great risk to all of us.

Without a vaccine to protect us, there is no realistic expectation that we can have this gathering in September of 2020. The best estimates of when a vaccine will be tested and available to the general public, and will protect seniors like ourselves, is 18 months from now, or fall of 2021.

Therefore, for the well being of everyone, we have decided to CANCEL our plans for all events of our 50th reunion this fall.

Discussions are under way to consider rescheduling in the future when this crisis is past, but it is too early to know when that might be.

We hope that until we have a new date to announce for our 51st Class Reunion, we urge you to stay in touch.  Let us know if there are any changes in your address or email address.  Keep checking our website, for any announcements.  We want to see you next year.

In the meantime, focus on doing what our health professionals are recommending and please stay well.

Best wishes,

Doug Nagle and Steve Waldman

St. Louis Park Class of 1970 Reunion Committee Co-chairpersons
2020 Reunion Planning Committee Members:

Steve Waldman, Peter Dansky, Bob Lawson, Marcia Brucciani, Jim Seim, Connie Savitt Sandler, Mark Setterholm, Mona Johnson Gliniany, Beth Kimball, Doug Nagle, Charlie Bell, Danny Goldman, Sam Stern, Joey Dubbe Beattie, Gary Chambers, Sharee Marcus, and Eric Ramberg
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