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Scott Rusten
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May 12, 1952 Quality Tech - Seagate Technology Committed Relationship 2
I was changing my relationship status and thought I'd throw in a last minute update.
After High School, I sidestepped my draft notice by enlisting in the Coast Guard Reserve. After that I went to Brown Institute for electronics and landed at Control Data . Through sales, mergers, up and down times it is now Seagate Technologies and it’s been 31 years, yep 31.
I was married to my wonderful wife Laurie for 29 years. Tragically she passed away after battling breast cancer in 2001.
We did raise two fabulous and talented daughters. One is a corporate show producer and stage-manages local theater, and the youngest is a talent agent. Both have grown into wonderful women I am very proud of.
The newest news is in February of 2009 I was reunited with Myra Urness (SLP of 1971). We had dated for about two years in high school but had no idea what had happened to each other for 38 years. Then Facebook came along and we have been having a terrific time ever since. I’m very happy to say we are planning to get married in February.
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Gordy namtur (Rutman)
May 09, 1952 retired teacher Married 2
 I am really excited about this reunion.  it's been great being on the organizing committee.
I taught English and Speech for 33 years and retired last year-It ain't bad folks.  I also am sort of retired from stand-up.  An occasional gig but I'm too old to live the fast life.Did I ever live the fast life?

    See you all on the 21st of August.
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Bill Sander
March 22, 1952 sales/estimator Married 2
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Connie Savitt (Sandler)
November 21, 1951 Director of Public Relations & Marketing for a non-profit Married 4
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Barb Saxton
December 08, 1951 Married
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Craig Schadow
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July 30, 1952 Chiropractor Married 2
I'm living in Maple Grove with my wife of 25 years, Lisa.  One daughter is graduated from college and in the working world, and the other is in her 2nd year.  I'm still a practicing chiropractor in Coon Rapids for 32 years and going strong.  We enjoy family times at our cabin up north.  I'm still a racquetball fanatic and will be as long as my bod holds up.
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Liz Schendel
January 24, 1952 self-employed Married 2
After graduating from the U of M in Animal Science, I moved to Ely in 1977 to work on the first EIS for copper nickel mining.   I stayed on when the project ended and have been enjoying life in the northwoods and boundary waters since then.  My husband, Steve,  and I built our own business, Log Cabin Hideaways, in 1989.  We continue to run it, altho we are scaling back with an eye to retiring. Our daughter, Zoe, is a junior at UMD, and our son, Joe, lives in Marquette, MI with his wife and our two granddaughters.  In my spare time, I have a  big garden, watercolor paint,  walk, ski and travel.  Our border collie, Stella, accompanies us wherever we go.
If any of you ever get to Ely for a canoe trip or vacation, look us up.  I visit SLP a few times a year, but can only stand the city traffic for a few days before it makes me nuts!

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Paul Schneck
January 05, 1952 Attorney Married 2
I always meant to put a little more info in here, so here goes:

I have been married to Sue for 33 years now, she is wonderful and I am a very lucky guy.  We have two daughters.  Lauren just turned 29, she graduated from Madison and has become a cameraperson, working on reality TV shows like Real World, and also has traveled all over the world working on short promo films, in China, Europe, etc.  Emily will be 25 soon, and lives in Chicago where she is an Art Director and Graphic Designer for a design firm, working on packaging for companies you would know.  I was a prosecutor for about 12 years in Hennepin County, and have been a criminal defense attorney for about 16 years now.  I am in private practice, and also am a part-time Public Defender in Hennepin County and also on the Federal Panel, meaning I do federal cases as a quasi-public defender.  Sue and I are now empty nesters in our home in Golden Valley.  I am afraid I did not make it more than a few miles from my folk's house.  Kind of dull, but it has been quite nice.  Hope to see everyone at the reunion.


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Mike Schoenberger
November 24, 1951 golf professional retired Married 2
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Paula Schroeder
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July 20, 1952 student! Committed Relationship 3
I spent 25 years in radio broadcasting in the Twin Cities (mostly at MPR), then moved to Florida in 1998. I reconnected with Mark Broms in 2002 and we are still in Florida. Right now I'm back in school to finish up my degree that I started back in 1970! Send Paula a MessageSend Paula a Message
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