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Rick Repasky
October 16, 1952 Manager, Lunds Wayzata Married 3
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Virginia Rutz (Revak)
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Profile picture
Retail Merchandiser Married 2
Update Falll 2014: I moved to Mora with my husband of 39 years - John Revak - we finally live on a lake...with all the fun and work that entails. Summer 2015 has seen our dock and boat flooded but we have also had fun tubing and fishing on our own lake. My two kids and three grandsons love coming "up north" to stay here.  Summer 2015 also finds me going to "the cities" 2 days a week to babysit my grandsons and visit old friends and relatives.  I also work 2-3 days as a Retail Mechandiser inside a small town WalMart store...too busy to be retired yet but soon...I always look forward to seeng anyone from our class of 1970... Send Virginia a MessageSend Virginia a Message
Debra Richmann
June 01, 1952 Senior Project Manager Single
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Deanna Larson (Riebe)
March 10, 1952 Underwriter Married 2
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Vicki Burstein (Riven)
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May 19, 1952 Court Operations Manager Married 1
I see names that bring back lot's of memories.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Lynda CAMPBELL (Rivera)
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December 23, 1951 Married
Owned Things to Treasure and Sunny Days Creations.  Both Ceramic Shops in St. Louis Park.  Now retired, making cards and still doing some ceramics that I sell at the Golden Valley Farmers Market on Sundays during the summer.
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Mike Rodich
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Cosmetics Mfg & Distribution Married 3
Hi Everyone - After graduating from the U of M, I was a principal in a manufacturing company that we sold in '99.  Since then, I've started a cosmetics company that uses healthy/natural ingredients.  I'm still happily married to Dona.  We have three great kids, all married, and three beautiful granddaughters.   Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Mark Rosen
November 13, 1951 Sportscaster Married 2
I do need a job when I grow up. How is it possible to be employed by the same company as I was in my senior year at St.Louis Park! It's been an amazing ride, visiting places and reporting on events and people I could never have imagined.
   To think it all began interviewing Carter
DeLaitte after he won the state high school tennis championship in 1970!
    My 24-year old son Nick is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, a bartender/DJ by night, who's about to make the big move to LA to pursue his love of film and cinematography.
    My 20-year old adopted daughter, Chloe is transfering to DePaul, she is already a certified scuba dive master and plans on exploring the oceans after graduation. My deepest love and admiration to my wife for "raising" those two while I was working away...
    Look forward to seeing everyone!!

Mark "Rosie"
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Stan Rosen
October 10, 1952 Career consultant Married 3
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Carole Rosen (Rubinger)
February 07, 1952 Married 2
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