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Sharon Jenkins (Pittman)
July 08, 1952 retired/caregiver for my husband Married 3
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Brant Pope
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May 15, 1952 Professor and Chair of Theatre and Dance Married 1
 I've spent my adult life in the professional and university theatre. Right now finds me Chair of the Theatre and Dance Dept at the University of Texas (Austin), having been before at Penn State, The University of Illinois, and Florida State. My wife, Barbara is a Costume Designer and teaches at UT as well. I am a devoted follower of the Twins, Vikings, and Penn State football. Our daughter, Olivia is 27 and pursuing the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. Even though I haven't lived in Minnesota since the 1970's, it is home in my heart, and I get nostalgic for "home" especially during Prairie Home Companion. Other than the theatre, I love to run, hike, bike, read the New York Times, and try to play Bach's Inventions on my piano. I am a devoted Anglican, a proud progressive, Christian and I cannot believe it has been 45 years. I am directing a play that opens August 30th and so I will miss seeing all of you. Have a blast!! Send Brant a MessageSend Brant a Message
brant pope
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Professor Married 1
 I am the Director of the School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas, Austin. But, my heart will always be in Minnesota. Send brant a MessageSend brant a Message
Lynda Swanson (Powell)
February 24, 1952 Health & Wellness Coordinator Single Again 1
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cindy vogt (prindle)
January 16, 1952 retired Committed Relationship 3
Debra Prokop
August 20, 1952 Retired Elementary Teacher Single
I graduated from Augsburg College in 1995. In 1997 I moved to Bakersfield, California to teach third grade. Later I moved to Redondo Beach and taught third grade in Inglewood, CA.
Later I subsitute taught in Roseville and Bloomington. Now I'm retired. 
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Eric Ramberg
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February 29, 1952 Business Guy, Writer Married
Excited to see everyone - and so glad that Rutman is in charge of the mic again. Looking forward to large name tags and your story. You got a story, doncha?
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Hilary Bullock (Ramberg)
Lanscape Designer Married
For those who don't remember me, don't worry! I am not a classmate, but married to one - Eric Ramberg. I look forward to meeting many of you at the reunion, and suspect we may have crossed paths before. Prior to my landscape design business, I was a professional wedding photographer in the Twin Cities - so we may have been at some of the same events together.
Debbie Ferch (Raymond)
November 04, 1951 Grammy Married 4
Finally retired after 42 years of teaching. I miss the kids and still get ideas for lessons randomly in my head but will have to use them with my 5 grandchildren instead! Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
thomas rehman
May 19, 1952 VP Sales Admin/CBBURNET Married 7
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