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Mary Dahlberg (McCracken)
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Administrative Support Professional Married 4
What fun catching up on your profile pages!

I'm a grandmother of is that possible? Living and working in Eden Prairie with my hubby of 40 years!


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Debra Groth (Melander)
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October 24, 1952 Human Resources Manager Married 5
Life is good - I have been blessed with health,  a wonderful family and great friends.  We have five children, three of which are married and five grandchildren.  My graduate degree in Human Resource Development led me to my career as an HR Manager in the health care field.  I am active in our church and community and enjoy boating, waterskiing and biking.  I am so looking forward to the reunion! Send Debra a MessageSend Debra a Message
Thomas Merfeld
July 15, 1952 Retired Real Estate Broker Committed Relationship

I have sold my home in Outing MN and now living in Key Largo Fl. Love to be WARM!!

Made the move 2009, retired from the real estate game.

I do come back each summer for 4 months to spend my time up north at the lake in Outing,MN.
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Craig Miller
Retired Married 3
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Randy Miller
September 14, 1952 Purchasing Manager Married 1
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Rolla Epstein (Morin)
September 23, 1952 Administrative Assistant Married 3
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Linda Riordan (Morris)
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March 19, 1952 Business Owner Committed Relationship 1

Divorced after almost 10 years of marriage.  One daughter, Marie.  No grandkids.

We moved back from California and lived around the metro area but finally chose to live in SLP so Marie could go to Park.  She had teachers I had in high school!

Worked in operations management for a local food company for 20 years.  It had been bought and sold by KKR, Beatrice Foods, HuntWesson and finally ConAgra.  After all the corporate takeover rides stopped, I managed to stay in my seat all those years.  Finally, ConAgra shut the whole company down and found myself out of a job at 46.

Started a new retail business (1999) with my neighbor and significant other of 29 years, Jim Harms.  My Music Store, in the Golden Valley Shopping Center is mostly a guitar shop but we sell and service almost all types of instruments.  Ironic because the only thing I can play is the radio.  Our big event every summer is the Guitar Toss.  All proceeds go to the Animal Humane Society.  I'm a huge animal advocate.

Before I became a business owner, I loved traveling for business, pleasure and volunteer work.  Been to places I thought I would never see - that's when flying was still fun.

Still in SLP today and see a few of our classmates now and then.  I live with three Humane Society kitties.

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Wendy Sokol (Moss)
April 30, 1952 Attorney Divorced 2
In 1973, moved to Los Angeles after graduating college in New York; have been a prosecutor in the LA District Attorney's Office for 32 years. It's a dream job because I get paid to talk...and don't get detention or made to stand ON desks for talking too much [French class].

Jessica [20] is a junior at UW, Madison and Phillip [23] has grad school ahead. We visited Minneapolis three to four times a year. Phillip learned he dislikes snow, like mom; Jessica learned she enjoys snow, like her skier dad. After the State Fair, Phillip would beg for his own calf. Jessica never had enough rides at MOA, forgetting she goes to Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland once or twice a year.

We are passionate LAKERS fans and I am proud to tell people [who don't know] they were originally the Minnesota Lakers. We have three rescue dogs. Our two bichon/poodle/maltese mixes have "design defects" because after ten years, neither one consistently uses the outdoors when the "urge" strikes. Our 55 pound husky was so abused that our nine pound, 12 year old dog bosses him around.

I am surprised at the many Park grads that live in LA and other California cities. Since many of us can't make the reunion, let's have one in LA!

Have a great time squinting at name tags, wondering who these gray haired people are, and trying to remember how to get to St. Louis Park High School. To show my gratitude to the Committee Members, I'll give each of you a free crime; it could be a traffic ticket or murder or anything in between. You choose.

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Paul Myers
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March 01, 1952 Teacher Single
Since leaving high school, I've been pretty much a Wandering Jew. I've lived in many countries and worked as a sign language interpreter, drama director, and a teacher. I've been living in Suzhou, China for the past five years, working at an international school.

Wish I could attend the upcoming reunion but, unfortunately, I need to report back to my school by August 14. Guess I'll just have to wait until 2020 for the 50th!

Be sure to look me up if you're ever in China!

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Doug Nagle
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November 17, 1951 Industrial Automation Married 2
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