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Curtis LaDuke
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November 08, 1951 Contractor- home remodeling Married 3

After Park I went to Mankato on a track scholarship for two years and then to the U of MN to finish my degree,working as a canoe guide in the summer and as a track coach at the Uof M . I was a research biologist all the while applying to Medical school. I then started my own contracting business, remodeling homes. I married in 1979 and had three kids. I busied myself with coaching, scouts and church raising my family. We divorced after 20 years and as of 09-09-09 I am happily remarried and still living in Shoreview,MN I had a dance studio for 9 years and still teach as the occasions arise.

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Michael Lasky
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August 24, 1952 Patent and Trademark attorney Married 3
I will post my photos as soon as find them (the dog ate them and continues to eat them as I take them).  I now live in Atlanta but I commute to Minneapolis fairly often so that I don't lose my tolerance for cold.

Update 2012: I've lost my tolerance for the cold.   Also for a guy who is totally non-Scandinavian, I ended up living in Scandinavia for a few years and now speak all of those languages.  Unfortunately, they all speak English, so that and $4.95 will almost get me a cup of coffee-actually, in Scandinavia $4.95 won't get you the coffee either, only the cup.  

In my free time, I wrote one of those "dummies" books  (Online Dating for Dummies).  I ended up in Atlanta--I married my coauthor whom I was dating at the time I got the book deal. 

Update 2014: Sorry, I won't be able to make it to the Social Security party, but I am still working hard  so I can live on Social Security.   

Update 2016:   Finally done with my second book,  The Good Brand.  Three years to write. I am very slow. 

Sorry, I won't be at the 45 yr anniversary.  I am in Msp a lot but never on weekends.    Will definitely see you at the "Social Security is Out of Money" party in 2030.

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Bob Lawson
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November 01, 1951 Investment Adviser | Financial Expert Witness | Securities Arbitrator Committed Relationship
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Janet Siegel (Leavitt)
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December 27, 1952 JCC Member Services Married 3
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Fran Press (Lebahn)
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March 19, 1952 Education Coordiantor Married

40 years has gone by quickly! We are older, yet wiser, I am sure.

I graduated from the U of M with a degree in Medical Technology. I have spent many of the past 40 years working at the U of M and the VA Medical Center. After working as a Med Tech and teaching some lab medicine & med tech courses for a number of years, I left the lab to work in clinical research at the VAMC. Four years ago I returned to the U of M, taking the position my supervisor of the 1980’s.

I also taught cooking and baking for many years, and I became a massage therapist.

My husband of 20 years and I have a happy life and a big garden in St. Paul. We like to travel and spend time with family and friends, especially our granddaughters ages 8 and 6. My granddaughters are my brightest sunshine.
'See you at the reunion!

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Rich Leiendecker
March 30, 1952 Management Married 2
 1970-graduated HS
1974 - graduated UMD
1978 - moved Charlotte, NC area
1988 - moved Milwaukee WI area
2001 - moved Mpls area
present - still a Packer fan, southern accent is gone
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Wendy Lerner
January 07, 1952 Retired Single Again 6
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jane burnes (leverenz)
January 30, 1952 retired Widowed 2
Hi Everyone!

I was fortunate to find a wonerful Life Partner named Dan.  We spent our early years building our own home and creating our Sustainable Lifestyle.  We were fortunate to have 2 Daughters, various cats, dogs, chickens,a few pigs  & a mule named Sally.  We raised all our own food and heated with wood. 

Our 2nd stage was designing and building High Efficient Homes for resale.  I was a Real Estate Agent, sat on 5 different non-profit boards and volunteered whenever I could.  We owned a bar n' Grill named Froggy's for 17 years and last year I sold it. 
Now retired I spend time with my 7 year old Grand Daughter......but looking for something new to do!!  Getting bored already!

Thank You for Putting this together!!!


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Bob Levine
November 12, 1951 attorney Divorced 2
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Wendy Broms (Levine)
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September 22, 1952 Travel Consultant Married 2
After spending 5 years in Madison, WI making love not war I landed in Boston where I have been since 1976.  Spent a bit of time as a teacher for pre-school children with delayed language development before switching to travel.  My specialy is adventure travel...the more animals and jungles the better!  Two incredibly special and talented daughters and one loyal and patient husband.  And always an adoring retriever at my side!
Not sure if I can make the reunion but will try.
Should easily be worth the trip!
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