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Jerald Kenison
October 18, 1951 Manager Single 3
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David Ketroser
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Physician (Neurology)/Attorney Married 1
Sheryl and I have been married for 35 years, we have one son (Bryan is what I want to be like when I grow up) who is a married attorney practicing in San Francisco (no grandchildren), I've been a practicing Neurologist for the past 28 years, and I've also been a practicing attorney (medical malpractice) for the past 10 years.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1973 and it caused no significant problems for 25 years.  Since then, it has almost eliminated my ability to walk but hasn't kept me from still being able to practice medicine and law (sheer dumb luck).

I look forward to every reunion to see the classmates I don't still see cuz they stayed in town.

I can't wait.

Since the Reunion, I spent 8 of the 12 months in 2011 in the hospital or in rehab(6 weeks of continuous seizures from a medication I started, then 9 additional hospitalizations for pneumonia).

During the last rehab, I learned over one weekend that a) I was going to be a grandfather in May, and b) I was going to be single because Sheryl was filing for divorce.

Since then I've moved into an apartment and am learning about being alone for the first time since puberty.

You never know what twists life will bring, but the challenges peel away the facades and reveal who you really are.

Life continues to move in amazing ways.  I was hospitalized from March through May of 2013 for an overwhelming infection, encephalopathy, and a number of parameters my physicians would shake their heads about and claim were not compatible with life (temperature of 86, blood sugar of 30, and blood pressure of 40/20).

Unlike 2011, Deidre never left my side and was instrumental in my recovery.  I was discharged on June 1 and was told I wouldn't be able to return to work for at least 6 months.  I took neuropsychometric tests one week later to confirm that I could return sooner.

Within 30 days of the discharge a) I was informed by the Social Security Disability people that they concluded I was totally disabled and b) I started working at a chronic pain clinic full time.

Since then the clinic has grown tremendously (see and on February 28, 2014, Deidre and I got married.  We're very happy together and life with her is a revelation in the benefits of pairing two people who always want to make the other feel loved and valued.

Can't wait to see all my lifelong friends again!

Returned to school full time in the fall of 2014 to get a MA in bioethics.  Still doing medicine and law, and still loving life with Deidre.
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Mary Beth Rutstein (Kibort)
August 10, 1952 Child Psychologist Married 3
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Phillip Kibort
July 12, 1952 Medical Director, Philanthropy Married 3
Now a grandfather of 3 girls. Ive been a peds gastroenterologist and  the VP Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer of Childrens Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for the past 18 years. In July of 2017 Ive become the Medical Director,Philanthropy for Childrens MN Foundation. We live part time in San Diego ( not as much as we would like). Send Phillip a MessageSend Phillip a Message
Beth Kimball
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December 01, 1951 Sales - Telecom Billing Single
Betty Davis once said, "Old Age Ain't for Sissies!"  Let's just say I'm beginning to understand that statement.  Back in Minneapolis after 37 years of romping around California, and I'm loving it.  I missed Minnesota... even the winters.  I love seeing high school friends and past St. Louis Park neighbors, and talking with classmates on email as a member of the reunion planning committee.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunions! Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
judy backman (kirschner)
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December 08, 1951 retired Married 1
where did the years go. i can not find my year book ,can my sr. picture be put in ? can i handle MPL. in AUGUST  , in New Mexico we do not have humidity ! i have a 28 year daughter and a 7year old grandson who moved down here when my husband and i retired . i was a preschool     teacher for 20 years and have lived in NM for 5 years. gardening can be started in March ,i have tomato until October .  i had my first article written up in our paper ,proud of myself. my husband and i live with 3 recuse cats. Send judy a MessageSend judy a Message
Wayne Klayman
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January 22, 1952 Radio broadcaster/AODA counselor/small biz owner Divorced 3
Hey boys and girls, anybody remember me?
School was a mixed bag for me - Brookside and Central were fun, but I became something on the order of The Invisible Man at Park. I wasn't known for anything newsworthy. I was neither tall nor athletic which sure didn't make getting dates very easy. So, I was a bit of an outcast - staying close to a small group of friends and escaping into music and the counter-culture movement. After graduation I finally reached a normal height, opened a record store (still there!), became a radio disc jockey and made up for lost time with girls...Today, thanks to social media, I have reconnected with former friends and made many new ones from our class - making up for years of social ineptness. No longer the quiet, shy boy in the corner! Marriage and I weren't compatible but I have three great grown kids including a special needs son who is my heart. Life is still a challenge but it's a journey - not a destination so it's all good. I invite you to drop me a line (even if you don't remember me) and let's reminisce! I would love to hear from you. Life is sweet but far too short, so don't wait. Otherwise, I hope to see you at the next reunion!
Be well ~
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Wendy Klein
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April 01, 1952 Hospice nurse Single 2
After 30+ years in multi-store management and 52 years in St. Louis Park, I went back to school, got my nursing license, packed up and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico leaving family and friends behind.  This truly is the Land of Enchantment.  It was one of the toughest decisions I ever made but has turned out to be a good move for me.  I can't say that I miss the Minnesota winters and have traded the lakes for the mountains.  Being a hospice nurse I have learned to appreciate each day and make the most of it.  I still go back "home"several times a year (mostly during warmer months). Send Wendy a MessageSend Wendy a Message
Tamara Brakken (Knudson)
November 07, 1951 Direct Sales/Work Skills Instructor Single Again
I have been very busy with work and trying to keep up with 6 grandkids ages 3-19 and now you say it is time for our 40th Class Reunion, wow where did the time go!  Looking forword to seeing everyone. Send Tamara a MessageSend Tamara a Message
Claudia Kraehling
May 07, 1952 Artist Married 2
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