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Martha Reed (Helland)
College Professor Married 4 2012-08-06 15:46:50

The memories are flooding back after seeing all your names- 40 years- amazing.

I graduated from Vassar, along with Bobby Sipkins who I hope is coming to reunion! Then went  to grad school at NYU and got an MBA. Lived in NYC for 8 years and when my son John was born we moved to Sioux Falls to be back in the midwest  and I have been in SF ever since- never planned on that but its home now.

I just retired from Citibank after 32 years in human resources and operations managment. In 2000 I decided I had had enough of corporate life so went and got a PhD in Organization Leadership- AND now I get to go do what I really love as I start a full time teaching position at the University of Sioux Falls on September 1 - so YEAH I get to go back to college and school. I never stopped loving learning.

I am married to my second husband Phil who came with 3 older childred Maren, Erik and Nate so I have 4 kids and 7 grandchildren. They are a joy to be sure.

Also I finally finally am living my dream of owning my own horse!  So Eric Ramberg all that horse play in the basement when were kids led to reality at age 55.

It will be great to see everyone, so many stories and so many I have forgotten I am sure.

See you soon!
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Jim Herbert
Profile picture
Profile picture
Sales Engineer / Small Business Owner Single 3 2012-08-06 12:35:01
Since I never graduated, I have been reluctant to go to too many reunions, I did go to the 20th as Nestors date. I think I'll go to the 40th. If Nestor doesn't invite me I'll lean on Hartman, since he has been pommeling me with reunion info.

My Professional Bio Says: "Jim Herbert has been involved in the Chemical, Physical & Biological treatment of water & wastewater since 1975, as technical representative and designer".

I have had a lifelong interest in sailing, and have a sailing club on
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Betsy Stillpass (Herman)
Early Childhood Teacher / Bookkeeper Married 3 2012-08-06 15:37:02
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valerie fiterman (herschman)
Married 2 2018-11-20 16:03:09
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Irv Hershkovitz
business owner Married 3 2012-08-06 15:22:04
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Jerome Hertaus
Profile picture
Real Estate Development Married 3 2012-08-06 15:06:55
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Charles Heubach
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Artist Married 2 2018-11-19 14:58:09
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Peggy Ashley (Hewitt)
Retired Married 2 2012-08-06 15:50:36
After exiting the halls of SLPHS, it was off to St. Olaf where I graduated with a degree in psychology, and where, as it turned out, met my husband.  Following graduation, finally found a job in St. Paul as a counselor with the State of MN.  In '76 married fellow Ole, Mark Hewitt, and moved to Hibbing where we both found jobs in our respective careers.  After a couple of years on 'da range' we moved to Park Rapids where Mark became 5th generation in a very small town bank in Dorset, just outside of Park Rapids. (Bank has since relocated in Park Rapids.) We've raised our 2 children Scott, 28 and Steff 26, here in Park Rapids and are truly loving the small town life  - - living on one of the many lakes in the area; it's sooo peaceful and gorgeous year-round.  As a footnote, those of you who were ever at my home on Natchez Ave., my dad still lives there (mom's in a home in Hopkins) so I still have roots in SLP.  Not sure at this time if I'll be able to get to the reunion  - - August is filled with every conceivable activity  - - weddings, baby shower, my husband's 40th reunion, community activities we're involved in, etc. Send Peggy  a MessageSend Peggy a Message
Laurie gauper (Hibbard)
financial services Widowed 2 2012-08-06 15:10:51
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Jeffrey Hill
Water Treatment Married 2 2012-08-06 16:10:31
 (graduated 1970 from Edina)  Why is this guy on our web site?  After attending the EHS '70 reunion, ideas were kindled about Brookside Elementary friends and those formative years north of the border.  Things just aren't the same south of 44th, although not that much different, either.  Jeff still works in StLP, where the family business has been since 1960.  Robert B. Hill Co., is now primarily commercial and industrial water treatment, although many StLP homes have Hill soft water.  Jeff is married to Amy, another green alien, although as much from Falls Church, Virginia as from Edina, she is the costume designer for the EHS theater department. Two girls complete the home, Katie, a Junior at U of M Missoula MT in archeology, and Julia, a Senior at EHS.        Send Jeffrey a MessageSend Jeffrey a Message
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