Dennis Ostlie and Beth Kimball watching an anti-war rally.
Dennis Ostlie and Beth Kimball watching an anti-war rally.

Do you have pictures from high school?  Share them with the rest of us.  Scan your picture and make any adjustments to the quality first.  Then, upload your photo to our website.  Keep it clean! 
Peter Dansky and Tim Burns

70 IS THE NEW 50

Photos from our 50-Year Reunion (50+2 years for the pandemic).  Since some people weren't able to make it to the Reunion, let's upload all of our pictures so they can feel like they were there!

Class Photos - Courtesy of Robert Zumberge

Jim Hoffman and Tim Gardner

Social Security Eligible Party (2014)

Does anyone have pictures from August 9th at the Park Tavern?  Upload your photos here.

60th Birthday Bash (2012)

Party at Park Tavern to celebrate everyone's 60th birthday.  Everyone had a great time catching up and we thank the Park Tavern, once again, for being so accommodating!
Aquila Elementary School

40th Reunion - Grade School Photos (2010)


Park High Tour - 40th Reunion

On August 20th, 2010, there was a tour of our high school.  Some of the halls and rooms you remembered, and others were unrecognizable... new additions built since we left in 1970.  But, St. Louis Park High School is still one of the best high schools in the state and it was gratifying to see how well they are doing today.

Bob Levine and Sam Stern's Pre-Reunion Party

Bob Levine and Sam Stern hosted a wonderful pre-reunion party on August 20th, 2010, at the Loring Kitchen. 

SLP70 40-Year Reunion - #1

For those of you who attended the 40-Year Reunion, thank you.  We all enjoyed seeing you very much.  For those of you who could not attend, we hope you'll enjoy these photos and perhaps attend the 50th!

Echo Reproductions

In the school year 1969/1970, these files contain all of the Echos that were printed.  It's a fun look back.
Cliff's Restaurant  Hwy 100 & Mtka Blvd

Historical St. Louis Park

Have any photos of old landmarks in St. Louis Park?  Share them with us here.
Barb Goodland and I party-hardy at Sadie Hawkins - 1968 (I look like I'm about 12!)

St. Louis Park High School

Any pictures from our high school years (1968 - 1970).
5th Grade Class - Miss Coss

Brookside Elementary School

Does anyone have their grade school pictures?
There are no photos in this album.